How can I start VoIP business?

The first thing to do is decide what part of VOIP marketplace you want to serve. Here are some possibilities:

  • Prepaid Cards / Reseller Program
  • VOIP consulting
  • PBX sales and service
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Independent Sales/Service Agent for existing VOIP service providers
  • VOIP Provider services
  • etc.

Within each category there are many choices. For example, for Prepaid Cards/ Reseller Program:

There are so many providers in the world, who are providing VoIP service. Before buy, you have to mind it, that provider will be secure or not but it is very difficult to judge, Anyway to check a provider you may follow below steps.
  •  First take a test account from provider to check voice quality.
  •  Now check its route is cli or non cli. Cli route is very good voice quality all time. CLI stands for Caller ID. Caller ID is a significant feature in VoIP. Caller ID (login number) is when calling to another phone, your number will appear in Caller ID, so they can recognize it is you.
  • When you make call then see you watch time and when you call end then check dialer minutes and your watch minutes same or not. Some are giving 45 or 50 or 55 second minutes. It is one kinds of cheat. Because actual minute is count by 60 second.
  • After call please check CDR (call duration or call history). When you make call by test account then not calling continually, just call 1 or 2 or 5 minutes then cut (END or cancel) your call. Now check call history report and see clients cost. If per 1 minutes call charge is same for all calls then it is ok. If not match all cost by minutes then provider will be do illegal way.
  • Finally think, that provider is reliable or not then make payment.

If you want to become a calling card reseller or USD reseller, please contact with us. Firstly we will send Test account and dialer links to check voice quality. If you like voice quality then we will send calling card packages, Demo reseller, payment details and others necessary information. After reseller we will teach to you complete training to create and manage calling card with reseller panel.

Thanks and Regards
Sales Team

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