what is route?

A device that allows analog telephones, as well as the PCs in a home network, to be connected to a high-speed Internet connection. VoIP signals are routed to the telephones, while other IP traffic is routed to the PCs on the network.
VoIP (Voice over IP) technology supports digital residential telephone service over long-distance networks like the Internet. Hooking up telephones to VoIP usually requires a hardware adapter connected to the home Internet link. These adapters can be purchased and installed separately. However, as an alternative to maintaining yet another gadget at home, VoIP routers (also called VoIP gateways) feature built-in telephone terminal adapters in addition to their normal wireless networking functions.
There are so many routes are in market. We offer 3 different routes:

Route Grey or non cli -> lowest possible rates, no guaranteed quality
Route Standard cli -> low rates, good quality
Route Premium cli -> slightly higher rates, very good quality

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