How can I use VoIP service?

Everybody wants to know, how they can use VoIP service. You can use VoIP service with PC and Mobile by using internet. There are so many dialer providers in market with different name. To use VoIP service you have choose any VoIP service provider then you have follow below mention steps
        i.         You have to active internet with your mobile phone or PC
      ii.         You have to install dialer that will be provided with your VoIP service provider (like that-
    iii.         After successfully install, please give dialer operator code if operator code dialer and for platinum dialer no need op code.
    iv.          Please give login and password then login ( login and password will be provide your voip service provider)
      v.         Then you can see that software is as like as mobile. Now you can make call.

For check your VoIP service, you may contact with us, then we will send dialer links with login and password. After then you can check VoIP service. Any inquiry, comments or question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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