How is the VoIP call quality of your service?

Quality may be one of the most difficult questions to answer, because it's not easy to do a call sampling on different providers.  But, asking the question is worthwhile.
With any new technology there will be some issues and experiences that are just part of the growth pattern.  This being said, some providers are going to offer a better sounding more stable network than others.  In some cases, price may be indicative of this.  One provider offers a service with a few good features for $10.00/mo., while another may have a few more features and have a monthly price of $30.00/mo.  The $20.00 savings may not be great after you experience their quality.  So, first check voice quality all time clear or not. Who are giving high rate they are provide excellent service with quality and who are giving low very rate they are provide less quality service and not secure.
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